Become a Member

1. Membership: There are three categories of membership: Annual, Life, and Honorary.

Eligibility for Membership: One should have minimum two research papers/articles published in academic journals/magazines/books with ISSN/ISBN, or minimum one book published as an author/editor/translator with ISBN in any recognized language of the world.

(a) Annual Membership: A person interested in exchanging scientific and scholarly knowledge and innovations can be admitted as an annual member of the Association. He/She is expected to support the AEW Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives. There is a nominal fee for this. The member will be encouraged in writing, reviewing and publishing research papers and books. Annual membership will be valid for one year from the effective date and it can be renewed to any of the following membership.

(b) Life Membership: A person eligible for annual membership may become a life member by donating a stipulated fee to the Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives. Besides the benefits of the annual membership, the life member will be extended all possible supports to publish research papers, books, and present papers in conferences and seminars organized by the Association. He/She will be eligible to apply for fellowship and research grant after its notification. Life Members’ books will be promoted by enlisting them on the website for the world readers, translators, reviewers and researchers. Life Membership will be valid for ten years. It can be renewed subsequently.

(c) Honorary Membership: The distinguished writers, poets, editors, critics, translators, reviewers and researchers of any nationality may be nominated honorary members of the Association for one year, two years or three years. The membership can be renewed subsequently. They will be associated with the Association to provide advice and suggestions to achieve the objectives of the AEW Foundation.

2. Patronship: The Association welcomes the individuals for patronship. Those who want to support the Association in achieving its objectives can become the patrons of the Association. The patrons will enjoy all benefits of Life Membership and Honorary Membership. Patronship will be valid for ten years. It can be renewed subsequently.

The interested persons are welcome to join the Society by filling up the online application form (click here for filling up the membership form) or you can download the form and email to us. You can contact us by sending a message/email to us in case of any difficulty.